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Run as fast as you can and catch the Limited Edition Gingerbread Quest Cookie!

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Run as fast as you can and catch the Limited Edition Gingerbread Quest Cookie!

Capping off a pretty unbelievable week of seasonal specials hitting the Mix (Nuts 'n More, Swolesome, Quest - like this!! - BSN, Mountain Joe's...SO many new goodies!) we've got perhaps the last of the more traditional 'Fall' fare to introduce you too (OK...maybe i'm lying. There are a least a couple more Pumpkin-y things on the horizon but brief respite for now, at least!!) before we 'sleigh-ride' headlong into more full-on festive treats (minty or otherwise!) in the week ahead!

What do we have here? The second of Quest Nutrition seasonal specials we have to tell you about (and have all been RESTOCKED at last!!)...none other than the Gingerbread Quest Cookie!

This Christmassy, craving-killing #CheatClean cookie from Quest packs in allllll natural flavours (not to mention natural sweeteners, too!) and succeeds in hitting the tongue tasting like a softer, chewier Ginger Nut biscuit (a very good thing in our book!)

It's not QUITE as fiery as a Ginger Nut, but nor is overly sweet either (remember, folks. amazingly there's less than 1g sugar in these badboys!! And only 4g net carbs! Take THAT, Lenny & Larry's!!) And, for only 60g of cookie, there's a solid 15g quality whey protein in here, too!

We've said for a long time that these Quest cookies - aside from great ingredients and the solid range of authentic cookie flavours (Oatmeal Raisin is [bomb]!!) - are, nutritionally, the best bang for your buck in terms of those 'mackerels'!!

Are these the biggest cookies out there (Lenny & Larry's!)? The sweetest (Cookie Madness)? The most fun and crazy (haha...yep, Cookie Madness again!!)? Nope. But they carry that unmistakable Quest-y stamp of quality and credibility and, you gotta give 'em credit, Quest can DO flavours!!

The super *Limited Edition* Gingerbread cookies are available, whilst stocks last, alongside the Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Bark Quest bars now! Collect the whole set!!

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