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Sultry & Smooth...AWESOME Plant-Powered Cappuccino Protein has landed in the Mix!

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Sultry & Smooth...AWESOME Plant-Powered Cappuccino Protein has landed in the Mix!

An AWESOME start to July - just the way we like it!! - we have yet another flavour in the distinctive and unique flavour line-up from Awesome Supps..first, we had the zingy Jaffa-like Choc Orange last week and, now, the sultry and smooth...Cappuccino!! ⁠

Cappuccino Awesome Supps Protein Powder Vegan balances a super smoooooth light coffee flavour with a sweet, natural-tasting base (with hints of demerara!) that - somehow - shakes up to offer an uncannily true-to-taste Cappuccino experience..quite an AWESOME feat! 

We all love a blended drink - be it a Frappuccino or an Iced Latté - but we DON'T so much love the often physique-destroying consequences, right?! Wellll...offering the usual AWESOME dairy-free flavour and a satisfyingly thick texture worthy of a refreshing blended beverage from your favourite Starbz, Nero or Pret, Ben Coomber's latest launch saves you the calories, the caffeine (yep, don't worry, no caffeine in here!! Save that for your pre-workouts) and the pennies, delivering an impressively mellow iced coffee experience!

And if you ARE after a full-on, espresso style caffeine-kick? Hey...you can always add a cheeky java shot to your morning shake!!

So, a low sugar iced coffee mix that offers 23g of muscle-building plant power?! We are all IN! If you're latté lovin', coffee-obsessed gym-goers like us? Then this one is for you!!!

In quick succession Ben has released two super-tasty flavours... both, to be fair, traditionally acquired tastes buuuut when the maker of our bestselling vegan protein - Awesome's Chocolate Salted Caramel - gets creative with flavours, then we make no judgement and, if you love these flavours? Defo get involved!!

Cappuccino...a *limited Edition* flavour for now, but we hope it sticks around!⁠

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