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Sweet Robyn's release 3 irresistible, low sugar, Protein Chocolate Bars!

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Sweet Robyn's release 3 irresistible, low sugar, Protein Chocolate Bars!

Sweeeet like CHOCOLATE!

Yes, we may still be reeling from Boris's 'goodbye gyms' bombshell (not to mention our coffee shops and pubs, too!) but, greater good and all, we'll undoubtedly all find a way to shoulder the sacrifice now to save (literally *LIVES*) later and...it's not ALL doom and gloom!! Why? Well, the sun is shining and we're a resilient bunch but, also, we still have access to lovely little luxuries including...high-protein, low sugar choccy in 3 undeniably awesome flavours!

Midnight Raspberry - the 'dark horse', if you will - somewhat magically filled with bittersweet raspberry fondant, coated in lashings of thiiiick dark chocolate and decorated with real freeze-dried raspberries! It's REALLY hard to believe this lovingly handmade bar contains less than 1g sugar!!⁠

Orange Crisp offers an natural, juicy, Jaffa-style flavour complemented by addictive crispy crunchies amidst the no added sugar Belgian milk chocolate Again, gorgeously decorated - always important...first bite being with the eyes and all! - with dark chocolate drizzle and zesty orange shards. Pleasing to the eye? Obviously. But even more tantalising to the tastebuds!

Last but by no means least (perhaps even saving the best 'til last!)... Salted. Caramel. Crisp!! Ohhhhh...go on then!

Crammed with caramel flavour and crispy balls, milk and dark chocolate combine with whey protein isolate creating an all-out indulgent, high protein dessert delight!

What a tempting trio, huh? These bars are the very essence of Sweet Robyns pledge to deliver treats that are 'damn good' without being bad!

Sweeeeeeet, Robyn!!!

Grab a bar or, if you can't decide between the varieties up for grabs (and they're all very different!) why not 'pick' a Sweet Robyn's 3-pack #PickAndMix bundle today in our 'Tasty Trio Bundle' today?!

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