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Swolesome 'Cherry Best' and 'Granny's Apple Crumble' are fresh-baked and ready to be 'picked!'

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Swolesome 'Cherry Best' and 'Granny's Apple Crumble' are fresh-baked and ready to be 'picked!'

It's BEST of British, folks! The 'Cherry Best' and 'Granny's Apple Crumble', a wondrous new duo of timeless classics courtesy of the Swolesome snack gods, grace us today!

They say we eat with our eyes...well, here we are drooling at the decadent dessert scene decorating our screen! Whether you're balmy for Bakewell or crazy for Crumble (who isn't?) these bars are inspired by some of our favourite classic desserts...with popularity at an all-time high the Swolesome Foods just KEEP coming and Maddie has truly spoilt us here with both offering layer upon layer of protein-filled goodness!!

First up? The vegan-friendly (Very) 'Cherry Best' containing 15g of protein, this one's a crumbly, cake-like sensation featuring, for the first time, an utterly authentic iced-topping!! A plant-based take on the classic Kipling Cherry Bakewell experience from first bite to last; from super-sweet frosted topping to sticky and satisfying jammy centre. It's ALL going on in this marvellous creation!

Then, for Dessert-dessert...'Granny's Crumble'! Oh yes, the humble crumble lover inside all of us *needs* this! Containing a whopping 20g protein this awesome apple crumble comes with lashings of gooey, creaaaaamy-dreaaamy sweet custard and real, juicy apple pieces all wrapped up in low sugar white chocolate and - the best part - a generous, #foodporn appropriate layer of crunchy granola (+ toffee chunks...just because!⁠)

The British Bake-Off might not be hitting our screens for a while yet but, courtesy of Swolesome Foods, we've got you covered in the meantime here in the Mix!!

Both Granny's Crumble and the vegan-friendly Cherry Best are available right now (whilst stocks last!!)

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