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The BEST just got better! Grenade Salted Caramel SPREAD is here!

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The BEST just got better! Grenade Salted Caramel SPREAD is here!

Ohhh its ANOTHER 'bar in a jar'! Thaaas right, folks... the 'KILLA combo of chocolate AND salted caramel has now arrived in SPREAD format!

As if Hazelnutter, White Chocolate Cookie and Milk Chocolate weren't enough, spectacularly spoonable 3 have become 4 in this popular line-up of high protein, low sugar sensations!

After the M A D success of the Chocolate Chip Salted Caramel Carb Killa bar, well, it was only a matter of time until the guys at Grenade stuck this secret formula into a jar too and, well, this was was never going to disappoint, was it?! 

Whilst we've ALWAYS been fond of these spreads, this one has reaaaaaly kicked things up a gear, both in terms of sweetness AND aroma; the marriage of satisfying salty salted caramel (a trademark of the now legendary Choc Chip Salted Caramel bar!) and creamy milk chocolate collide to create some seeeeriously super-satisfying sweet 'n smooooooth flavour!

This stuff is SO good...don't expect to WANT to 'spread the love' around! You're mostly going to want to hide in a dark room with a spoon and enjoy every mouthful!⁠

With less than 2g sugar and 6.5g+ protein per serving...it's guilt-free indulgence at it's FINEST!

Hey, folks... if #YouGotThis then you'll know what we mean... it's a #whenyouknowyouKNOW type deal!⁠

Haha, so, if you DON'T got this?! We strongly suggest you GEDDDDIT!

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