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The Protein Bar that ROCKED! Candy bar style Dedicated Rock Bars burst into the Mix!

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The Protein Bar that ROCKED! Candy bar style Dedicated Rock Bars burst into the Mix!

You ROCK! Yes YOU! First half of January?! Completed it, mate!! This definitely deserves a guilt-free treat...we totally agree! 

On that, let us introduce the...ROCK Bars by Dedicated Nutrition!! These little beauties are deliciously decadent dessert-style bars, irresistible whether you're a traditional peanut lover or a peanut butter candy monster with a sweet-tooth that never quits...yep, look no further! If you're a 'nutter for the peanut butter' these bars are IT!⁠

Maybe not a name we'd have chosen for a protein bar but, appropriately, in the words of The Rock...'IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEIR NAME IS' ...whether you go for our favourite 'Chocolate, Caramel and Crunchy Peanuts' with the more 'natty' peanut flavour and slightly richer dark choccy OR the full-on Reese's PB Candies studded 'Peanut Butter, Caramel & Crunchy Candies' both contain an undeniable 20g protein and certainly *ROCK* our world!!

If you guys have been followers of the Mix for a while you'll remember the original OhYeah! candy-style Crunch Bars with their over the top, Rocky-Road like make-up including some seriously indulgent inclusions. For us?! We find these to be a wonderfully similar format here!⁠

Whilst, yes, ever-so-slightly higher calorie (a smidge over 250kcals) they still tick all the boxes...high protein (obv), low sugar, inclusions a-plenty and epic, satisfying candybar taste and texture...an awesome (and unexpected...especially since they're made by the pretty full-on supp brand, Dedicated Nutrition!!) arrival to help us get through January without smashing alllll the left-over Christmas choccys!

So, that's pretty much Oreo's (with the Lenny & Larry's Cookie Cremes) and now Reese's Cups & Candies to kick things off for 2020...this is only the beginning!! Plenty more to come, folks...watch this space!⁠

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