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This sh*t is BANANAS!

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This sh*t is BANANAS!

Your favourite plant-based protein bar brand have just gone... B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! Introducing the latest and greatest *Limited Edition* addition to MisFits' growing lineup... Chocolate Banoffee!

Wrapped in classic low sugar dairy-free chocolate, brace yourselves for more of that same sexy triple-layered setup we're used to in MisFits' vegan-friendly bars, this outer? Infused with dreamy, fruity banana caramel for that true-to -taste Banoffee Pie!!

...and containing less than 1g sugar and packing 15g protein (!!), we've said it before and we'll say it again, MisFits are changing the snacking game one indulgent, guilt-free bar at a time!

EVERY Misfits bar has been a big hit here in the Mix, with an ever-expanding line-up of caramel-filled choccy coated wonders this one puts them at 9-strong (not forgetting that spiced Christmas spectacular Gingerbread (we went in DEEP, folks...we wanted it to hang around just a while longer as Xmas is already seeming like a distant memory!)

With, now, TWO Limited Editions up for grabs...go BANANAS and pick up our 'UnMIS-sable Misfits Bar Bundle' and get yourself a mixed 12 bar Pick & Mix bundle as you like or, of course,'pick' up a single or two and get those tastebuds goin'... you can't 'Mis(s)' this Veganuary!!

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