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USN turn up the indulgence in their TRUST Crunch bar range with the choctastic, white chocolate coated 'Triple Choc'!

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USN turn up the indulgence in their TRUST Crunch bar range with the choctastic, white chocolate coated 'Triple Choc'!

Whilst we can't trust the sun to stick around for a British summer, what we CAN 'trust' at this point? USN to release a tasty protein bar and, sure enough, what we have here is *another* winner from them...the very promising-sounding 'Triple Chocolate'!

As CrUnCHy as caramel-crammed as ever (the sheer amount of caramel across all the low sugar TRUST Crunch range makes these a particular favourite of ours and something of a stand-out!) nutritionally awesome and justifiable as ever (just 210 kcals a bar, 20g protein and 2.5g sugar!)...yep, we can certainly trust USN to nail these at this point!!⁠

Triple Chocolate? Well, for those lucky folks familiar with these triple-decker Crunch Bar delights, you may know the launch Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour...for those who don't? Soft, chocolate-infused centre, caramel topping, crunchy inclusions, milk choc coating get the idea. It's bomb, basically, and pretty much heaven for chocolate lovers. *Milk* chocolate lovers, that is!⁠

USN, obviously not wanting you leave anyone (and any singular tastes!) out - they're nice like that - have, in a nutshell, have delivered the same experience but just a tad sweeter and more decadent (and, for our money, sexier-looking!) for WHITE CHOCOLATE lovers!
Full disclosure? The sweeter the better for us and, yep, with a milk chocolate/brownie centre, exxxxxtra caramel and, this time, with a white choccy, low sugar coating (with choc crispies just visible within it, cookies & cream stylee) this mash-up makes a great bar even better, quickly jumping this newbie to the very top of the (now 5 flavour strong) USN TRUST Crunch bar line-up!⁠

Available in the Mix online and instore right now - and to Pick 'n Mix in our 12-bar 'TRUST in the Crunch' USN bar bundle - this is a yet another TRUST-y, guilt-free protein-packed snack from USN, making this (sadly) low-key range even more of a must-try!!⁠

Next up, USN? This bar, but with snickerdoodle-style cinnamon bun vibez!! Please & thankyou!

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