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Yet MORE Nuts 'n More! Gingerbread, Mint Choc and something for the Vegans!!

Posted on 30th Nov 2018

Yet MORE Nuts 'n More! Gingerbread, Mint Choc and something for the Vegans!!

What's this? MORE new Nuts 'n More?! You 'butter' believe it!! :D

Yep!! We're 'nut' kidding, folks!! :) Following hot on the heels of Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp and Banana Nut we have a further trio....Mint Choc Chip, Gingerbread and, a first for Nuts 'n More, a Vegan-friendly, plant-based PB spread!!

An odd triple team but we can say, without hesitation, that each and every blend is BOMB and shows Nuts n More at their buttery best!

The GINGERBREAD? Pumpkin Pie's even more spiced sibling!! Gingery, for sure, but nutmeg is there, cinnamon is there, clove is there...quite a kick to it but it's all wonderfully mellowed by the brown sugar background note. If Pumpkin Pie didn't quite hit the spice-spot for you? You REALLY want to get up in those classic festive flavours?! This is the butter for you!!

The MINT CHOC CHIP? Perhaps the biggest surprise of the bunch for us, this thick-set choc PB is infused with hidden seams of intense, minty dark choc, decadent and all topped with choc chips worthy of the legendary Cookie Dough released earlier this year! We've never had a PB like this before and if you're ANY kind of mint-choc fan? You need this in your life!!

Last but not least? The 'Plant Based Protein Peanut Butter'. About the least tempting flavour name on Earth but, vegan or otherwise, you do NOT want to write this one off!! Inside you'll find an especially smooth, runny, golden PB (no Whey to make this one slightly sticky like the other blends!) tastefully laced with natural Vanilla spices and just enough sweetness to counter-balance the subtle, savoury flavour of pea-protein underscoring affairs. Kudos, Nuts 'n More! You were brave to attempt this novel dairy-free blend but it has a unique natural flavour and texture we can't put down right now!

ALL flavours have been restocked in the Mix now, so if you've been waiting to 'pick' an NNM bundle? Now's your chance!

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