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YUMMY, Yummy Limited Edition (ISO Protein) Seasonal Specials are here!

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YUMMY, Yummy Limited Edition (ISO Protein) Seasonal Specials are here!

We got that yummy, yummy...all the WHEY from Canada! Yummy Sports and their ISO Proteins are already FIRM favourites here in the Mix with flavours from Peanut Butter Cups to Creamy Eggs, promising (and delivering!) awesome flavour time and time again, we are H E R E for it!

Yummy Sports ALWAYS deliver big and bold flavour creations to mark the changing seasons and, today, good news comes in threes; they've only gone and done it again with a TRIO of epic new whey isolate shakes...⁠

Peanut Butter & Jelly...Banana Split...I mean they don't SCREAM Autumn buuut hey, that's ok, because who doesn't love a classic #THROWBACK childhood fave PB+J sandwich?! Or a cheeky throwback-to-summer banana dessert delight?!⁠ Really, anything new from the guys at Yummy Sports we are ALL for and we are sure you guys feel the same!⁠

⁠So Peanut Butter and Jelly...issaa sweet one! JUST like all of their proteins you have to have a substantial sweet-tooth, and the marriage of authentic roasted peanut flavour with a - seemingly unusual - fruity-sweet zing is a silky smooth peanut butter lovers' dreaaam. It's a guilt-free nostalgia trip packing 27g protein a serving!

Banana Split...wellll proof's in the puddin'! Bursting with unmistakable sweet banana from first scoop to last, atop a creamy vanilla (cream!) base, this one's another delish throwback, bringing banana (which never seems to get much love in shakes!) to the Yummy range for the first time!

⁠Finally, get PUMP'd for Pumpkin Spice!! A muddle of classic winter spices and sweet, unmistakable pumpkin pie- style magic...a seasonal sensation for sure! Perfect for those those bowls of warming PWO oats!!

⁠All 3 *Limited Edition* flavours are available in half-size (gym-bag friendly!) 454g bags in the Mix now!⁠
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