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If we had our way here at the mix every meal would be dessert, not that we have a sweet tooth or anything... we just love a sweet treat ;). If you're looking for irresistible, high protein desserts then you have come to the right place. 

From the likes of Muscle Mug Cake, moist, gooey, healthy and packed with protein, or even a warmed protein-bar?! From the likes of Grenade...these ones get the vote when it comes to microwaved melty goodness! High fibre, high protein, low carb, in some indulgent flavours, you're kinda spoilt for choice here at the mix.

Or how about some delicious Angel-Delight style low calorie, low sugar Jell-o?! Add water, give it a stir and boom...a sweet and delicious moussé! Add some protein powder, sweet spreads or sugar-free syrup and take your dessert making skills to new levels!! 

Whatever your sweet cravings, we have got you sorted here at the mix!! :)