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'Merica Labz

'Oh, oh say can you...LIFT!!'

Doug Miller (of Core Nutritionals fame) bring us a 'Star Spangled' side-project of epic, 'Merican proportions, perfect for those who feel big is NEVER BIG ENOUGH© - the aptly named, 'Merica Labz!!

Packing (more than) clinical dosages, transparent, fully-disclosed formulas, no fillers, no junk, some of the most unique, hilarious flavours we've ever come across - 'Make America GRAPE Again'? 'Not your Granny's APPLE'? 'ImPEACHment'?! - and basically just a whole load of badass, all-American goodness'Merica Labz is a supplement range worthy of George Washington himself.

'Red, White and BOOM' pre-workout offers an unrivalled, stimulant-fuelled experience (seriously, folks, start with half a scoop!!), 'Stars 'N Pipes' is caffeine-free and and all about the PUMP (just 3 ingredients...INSANE dosages!) and the recovery-fuelling 'Merica 'Minos amino acids/BCAAs and truly revolutionary, real-cereal-stuffed Patriot's Whey just plain 'ole taste AMAZING!

Full 'Shock & AWEsome', check out the boldest supplements from the 'Land of the Free and Home of the Jacked!' right here in the UK at The Protein Pick & Mix!!Wooooo!!