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1... 2... 3(D) new 3D Energy drink flavours in the Mix now!

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1... 2... 3(D) new 3D Energy drink flavours in the Mix now!

Haha...we know what you're thinking!! Not ANOTHER Energy Drink?!⁠ 

⁠Thing is, here at The Protein Pick and Mix, there is ALWAYS room for more caffeine! As we've said before, whilst protein snacks by the dozen are a given, it's also something of our mission to collect everyawesome sugarfree energy drink going...and the more colourful the better! Yep, that mission is in full swing! 

Most of you Mixers will know Christian Guzman's renowned 3D Energy Drinks by now, firm favourites since their arrival in the Mix 2 years ago (...yes, 2 whole years!! Time FLIES when you're high on caffeine, amirite?!) By now, if you don't know....welllll you kinda should!! ⁠

Have your fave flavours nailed down? Hold-up! It's time for a #spannerintheworks. In the Mix now we have... THREE (3) NEW FLAVOURS!! ⁠

⁠Hey, Red, White, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange, it's been great...now there are some new kids on the block...⁠

⁠...and we think these MIGHT just be the best flavours yet!⁠

Kicking off with Pink (obviously!! True Pick&Mix candy-style!), this one has an almost bubblegum vibe, un-ashamedly sweet, candy-floss inspired and subtly fizzy in the usual 3D way. Deliciously distinctive, if you have a sweet-tooth...this one's for you!⁠

Liberty brings a patriotic 'Pop' to affairs, delivering classic Rocket Lolly flavour to match it's stand-out stripe colour-way; Cherry, Lemonade & Blue Raspberry in one refreshing cocktail!⁠

⁠Lastly...Silver (AKA. Chrome!) What's 'Silver'?! Strawberry Lemonade!! Whatever the name, it's subtle, all-too drinkable and the perfect marriage of smooth fruity strawb and zesty lemon!⁠

⁠Sound like a bit of you?! Jump on-site and pick-up a 12x can 'Mix' in our 'Keepin' it Real' 3D Energy Bundle today! With 9 flavours to choose from...you can be sure there'll be a flavour to suit!⁠

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