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Believe the plant-based HYPE with the latest and greatest Oatein Vegan 'Chocaholic' Protein Bar!

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Believe the plant-based HYPE with the latest and greatest Oatein Vegan 'Chocaholic' Protein Bar!

Wow....the vegan 'hype' is real at the moment, huh?! And, fittingly, this week marks the arrival of the very first plant-based Oatein HYPE bar, satisfyingly rounding out a very vegan week in the Mix and, even better, living up to its 'Chocaholic' name, it's a true chocolate addict's protein-paradise through and through!!

'A Chocaholic is a person who craves or compulsively consumes chocolate'...yeeeepp, this one WILL commandeer every inch of your chocolate-lovin' tastebuds without a doubt, and we challenge you to find another protein bar to best the bold and richly robust dark chocolate coating on this, dairy-free or otherwise (hint: don't even try - you won't!!)

Even better, chomping your way through this chocolatier-worthy couverture rewards with a soft and unexpectedly freshly-baked brownie-like core, crammed full of crispy cacao crunchies!! Any, of course, low sugar (less than 1g!!) and with a HYPE-worthy, muscle-rebuilding 18g of protein?! The fact that it's stupidly satisfying (64g bar here!!) and STILL under 200kcals too? Well...that's just the icing on the (chocolate) cake!!

#believethehype folks! *Another* too-good-to-be-true vegan winner has hit just Mix! ⁠

Following a #plantbased lifestyle? Dodging dairy because of intolerances? Just looking to try something new or MAD about chocolate?! We have PLENTY of newbies for you in the Mix (probably TOO many, in fact!! Pretty sure we've listed more vegan things than not over the last few months!)...any way you cut it, you defo need to 'get in on the HYPE' and grab a couple of these gorgeous-looking new bars (extra points for the prestigious, shiny black & gold wrappers, Oatein!)⁠

As always, grab just a couple of bars or pick 'n mix your own 12 bar mixed box bundle in our Oatein 'Believe the HYPE' bundle today (and don't forget...unusually for low sugar bars, the regular HYPE bars are all veggie! Kudos, Oatein!)⁠

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