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Crispy, drizzled & delicious...Optimum Nutrition Protein Crisp Bars land in our lunchbox!

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Crispy, drizzled & delicious...Optimum Nutrition Protein Crisp Bars land in our lunchbox!

Wow...Optimum Nutrition have been busy! Not only did they drop an all new format, all new snack range on us earlier this year in the sleek, soft and choc-coated Optimum Bars but, arriving just last week, we have an another entirely new, entirely different protein-packed snack offering in the Optimum Crisp Bars!!

Coming in at just over 200kcals - with no added sugar and a respectable 20g protein - these generous-sized bars are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, texture-wise, when compared to the insanely soft Optimum Bars; they're far more like giant (a hefty 65g, no less!!) Rice Krispie Squares!

Dense, sweet and, well, *densely sweet*, these impressive bars are a delight to behold, proudly packing a tonne of crunchy, flavoured protein crispies, chocolate-coated on the underside (yep...super sweet WHITE chocolate in the Classic Marshmallow flavour!!) and with icing drizzled on top for good measure. Oh, HELL yeah!!

A Rice Krispie square is pretty much a mash-up by definition and that's exactly what we get's a hell of a cross-over between 'fun' and 'functional' and, as you can imagine? We're BIG fans over here!

You may have spotted we have a few Rice Krispie style bars in the Mix at the moment, from the Ooh! Snap Crispy bars through to the Redcon1 B.A.R...we don't like to pick favourites TOO often but, fair's fair, Optimum Nutrition have about crushed the competition here!

For flavour, satisfaction, value, bite and sheer wow-factor (not to mention delivering a veggie-friendly marshmallow bar, and something this sweet with less than 4g sugar per bar across the range!!), we can safely consider this style of bar...OPTIMISED!

3 flavours are up for grabs at launch - Marshmallow, Choc PB and Choc Brownie - my fave? It's got to be the Classic Marshmallow!! #Thicc, mega sweet, white choc base and icing on top...Sold!

Optimum Protein Crisp Bars are available in the Mix, online and instore, now!

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