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Duck & Cover! Cellucor's EXPLOSIVE Energy has dropped!

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Duck & Cover! Cellucor's EXPLOSIVE Energy has dropped!

Uhh-oh, ANOTHER Energy Drink launch!

Yuuup⁠ #cantstopwontstop

The makers of the best-selling C4 pre-workout are back with a fresh 'grab-and-go' take on their world-famous EXPLOSIVE Energy blend!

Dropping in 4 flavours right out the gate (no doubt there'll be more to come!!), to kick things off we have:⁠

  • Frozen Bombsicle..uhuh, Blue Raspberry!⁠
  • Twisted Limeade a zingy little number comparable to a zesty little thirst quenching sparkling lime flavour
  • Orange Slice, fruity fanta-like goodness, a refreshing summer viiibe!
  • 'Cosmic Rainbow'! A brand spanking NEW flavour to go with the all-new formulation...we're telling you now, 'performance energy' NEVER tasted good (or quite so sweet and candy-like!!)
Another awesome energy drink to add to our ever-growing Protein Pick and Mix line-up, these C4 cans come perfectly carbonated (lightly sparkling rather than full on bubbles) are entirely sugarfree, are jam-packed full of vitamins and, of course, that 160mg of caffeine and Cellucor C4 signature BetaPower to deliver that EXPLOSIVE energy!

A pretty devastating delicious (particularly if you have a super sweet-tooth!!) convenient pre-workout concoction!⁠

In the past some of you may know C4 drinks we're impossible to get hold of (and mad expensive!!) but now, more great news, these are whipped-up right here in Europe!! Yep, you guys won't have to miss out on your favourite C4 energy drinks when supplies get smashed! anymore!! Aaaand...they're available at a more friendly price, too! Ooh...and no distracting BetaAlanine tingles anymore either!!!

Offering great-tasting usable energy, whether performing at work or in the gym (or the home-gym!!), if you're a fan of that OG C4 Energy hype then you NEED to sip and sample their latest and greatest today! 'Pick' up a colourful can in the Mix today...1 flavour, all 4 flavours...the choice is yours!!

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