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Fancy a slice? The best yet, Battle Oats' cake-themed Battle Bites flavours are served!

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Fancy a slice? The best yet, Battle Oats' cake-themed Battle Bites flavours are served!

It's official...September is off to the BEST start! Why? What am I talking about? Undoubtedly one of the **most exciting** launches of the year for us (yes...the YEAR)...the NEW cake-tastic Battle Oats Battle Bites flavours!! Birthday Cake and Red Velvet Battle Bites are in the Mix NOW!!

Cocked, locked and ready for BATTLE, joining the already much-loved Battle Bites ranks, Birthday Cake and Red Velvet are the culmination of months of hard work and years of investment in their tried & true British bakery.

As with the rest of the range - Cookies & Cream, Choc Coconut and Choc Caramel (w/ fudge chunks!) - the low sugar, triple-layered, chocolate-coated, guilt-free Battle Bites creds are present and correct but, with the launch of these two, white chocolate and crunchy, colourful sprinkles have entered the protein-packed Mix (haha...can you see now why we're so excited about these?!), and both land at a fairly incredible 110kcals per bite (and, don't forget, you get TWO delicious bites per shiny, cute pack!!)

We'd love to be able to pick a favourite from these two to guide you guys buuuutt...we really can't!! Both are honestly THAT good and unique in their own way!

Birthday Cake does a wonderful job of going further than any 'Birthday Cake' bar we've ever come across, introducing a very welcome pink, fruity caramel layer, alongside the sweet vanilla, white choc and, yes, sprinkles! Everyone else has given us plain old vanilla sponge...Battle Oats have made it classy and added the 'Victoria'! Or, if you're a biscuit connoisseur? Imagine Jammy Dodgers with sprinkles!! Divine either way!

Red Velvet? Pfft...where do we start?! A 50/50 cocoa and sweet (red!) vanilla-flavoured base, coated in white choc and sprinkles (sprinkle balls, in fact!!!) It's chocolate, vanilla, rich cream...EVERYTHING a Red Velvet cake should be!

And BOTH offer Battle Bites' trademark super-soft core, wonderfully offset and complimented by the crunchy texture of the protein nuggets snuck within and, of course, the sexy sprinkles on top!

Kevin, Shaun and the team at Battle Oats are immensely proud of these latest flavours and they have every right to be! We have a huuuuuge range of snacks in the Mix, especially in the low sugar/20g protein/circa-200kcal format (inluding many near-household names!) and, whilst every since bar, bite, cookie and ball we list has its merits (just because we're promiscuous with our snacks it does NOT mean we aren't fussy...we have 'diva' standards over here!) we feel no hesitation in saying that these 2 new 'bites' from Battle Oats, and indeed the Battle Bites range in general, are truly exceptional.

Fun, flavour, texture and the rest...Battle Bites are just as appealing to gym-goers as to GRANDPARENTS and, for the 'macros', the absolute best of breed. Plus...just LOOK at these damn things?! #aesthetics

Soooo, should you be 'grabbing a slice'? In a word... OHMYGODYAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!

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