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Ghost BCAA V2 - More Flavours, More Vegan, More Life!

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Ghost BCAA V2 - More Flavours, More Vegan, More Life!

We've said it before and we'll say it again...2020 has been a B I G year for GHOST with their relentless new drops! COVID or otherwise, rolling out the likes of GHOST Gamer, Glow, Greens, Energy and now... a new take on an old friend...⁠

GHOST BCAA *V2* is here!⁠

MORE BCAA! A whole gram extra in fact, taking the original 6g up to 7g all in that tried-and-true, recovery-fuelling golden 2:1:1 ratio!⁠

⁠MORE FLAVOUR! The return of a classic along with 2 newbies...⁠

Lemon Crush! A super citrus-y, refreshing zingy lemon flavour finished with exotic orange notes! ⁠
Blueberry Acai! A popular port from GHOST's Glow range, this one just made sense as a refreshing all-day, everyday winner! Bursting with crisp sweet-berry flavour and 'superfruit' vibez, #health has never tasted so good!⁠
Kiwi Strawberry! Here to stay from OG BCAA, super-sweet strawberry from the first sip meets kiwi tartness...it's a LEGENDARY flavour combo!⁠

⁠MORE LIFE! Wellll extra BCAA's mean more recovery, a drink you want to enjoy all-day meaning more hydration and with added Astragin® to help the absorption of key amino acids, proteins and glucose (health)⁠

And the BCAA's are now Vegan-fermented, too (as with AMINO V2, plant-based folks can get in on the action at last!!)...all in all? We'd call that more life for sure!

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