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​Giving out Tricks at Halloween…

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Most people expect candy and chocolate when they knock on the door at Halloween, so on the rare occasion someone appeared at our house when I was a kid... they were in for a… TRICK!

See, my mum was never a big fan of Halloween (to be fair it was still very much an American thing at the time), on top of that, she’s always been pretty health conscious… which worked out well for us in the long term I guess.

Anyhoo, I recall one Halloween some trick or treaters knocked on the door (rarely happened because of our location), my mum was surprised and we didn’t actually have any candy, but she had a great idea, she waltzed off to the kitchen and returned with… 3 apples… I wish I were kidding, I’m not, how’s that for a trick, eh? :D

I’m sure it was the last thing they expected (just wish I could have seen their reaction!), it’s also probably why an egg got thrown at our house the next year… :- /

Anyways, little did my mum know, she wasn’t actually too far off the mark on delivering a treat… take that apple flavour, cover it in toffee, chocolate, maybe even some… added protein? Decadent AND kinda healthy?! Lucky for us, Swolesome went all out this season with some awesome Protein Toffee Apples! Grab them before the season is over folks!


P.S. On a side note, if you do want to have some fun this Halloween, try giving out apples, I’m sure the reactions will be hilarious (we’re so evil!) :D

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