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Grenade have finally done it...Birthday Cake Carb Killa just landed!

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Grenade have finally done it...Birthday Cake Carb Killa just landed!

Happy Monday, folks!! Sorry!!! Scratch that! How about...Happy BIRTHDAY!!

Yep...if you hadn't already heard, Grenade have a brand new flavour of their beloved Carb Killa bar and, best news, it's already in the Mix (come on...a 'birthday cake' bar with SPRINKLES?! Not a shadow of doubt we were going to go IN on this one...and fast!!)

Not only is this a celebration of a colourful Bday Cake flavour, though...it's a celebration of a new Carb Killa flavour *in general*)! See, it's been the best part of a year since the last new flavour - Choc Chip Cookie Dough - and we were REALLY starting to get itchy for a new one; it's been TOO long since Grenade - the guys who truly blasted triple-layer, low sugar, choc coated protein bars to stratospheric popularity a couple of years back - fired another guilt-free shot across our bows!

If there's one bar GUARANTEED to turn this frown upside down, though? It's this one!!! I mean...just LOOK at it!!

Prepare yourselves for a REAL slice of awesome; a super-soft, genuinely cakey core (new territory for CK here, guys...gone is the chunkier, biscuitty base layer in favour of sweet, 100% nougat-like, almost gooey, vanilla-y Fluff kindof magic!) finds itself enveloped in thicker-than-normal white chocolate coating (it really DOES come across like a Royal Icing! No idea Grenade have pulled that off!) and all topped with (sugarfree) sprinkles!!!

An all-new Carb Killa texture, an uncannily Mini Milk flavour, a super sexy, shiny wrapper and all coming in at under 2g sugar, 20g protein and just over 200kcals?! If that's not a solid reason for a party, Birthday or otherwise? I don't know what is!!

NEW Birthday Cake Carb Killa is available in the Mix now, whilst launch stocks last!! As if there were a doubt...this is a #musttry, kids!

Kudos, Grenade! Nice to have you back!

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