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It's all to play for... G FUEL 'level' the playing field with two more epic flavour collaborations!

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It's all to play for... G FUEL 'level' the playing field with two more epic flavour collaborations!

Testing times are a-coming folks and it might well involve spending some time in stuck indoors. But hey, if you're going to be taking a little unexpected time off? You might as well make the best use of it by catching up on some much needed TLC and, of course, keeping you mind and reactions sharp with some intense gaming sessions! Forget vitamin C, nothing helps you stay focused on winning quite like G Fuel!

G-Fuel is helping curtail this crisis with the release of two more epic flavours in the same, famously effective formula we know and love... and they're flying off the shelves as fast as... well...pretty much EVERYTHING right now!

Castro's Guava Whether he's playing on a real football pitch or a virtual pitch, Castro ALWAYS brings energy and passion to the game and nothing keeps him more focused on the 'goal' than his Guava G Fuel! Is it pear? Is it strawberry? Is it mango? The Guava fruit is said to taste slightly different depending on the player, but the G Fuel formula always pulls the player across the line! ⁠

Dubmelon Mint This tasty collab flavour comes from the always fresh TSM Daequan; a tantalizing, sweet & fruity watermelon flavour with a hint of crisp mint! Forget your shield potion, just chug down on some 'Fuel' and get your game face on...it's clobberin' time!

  • 40 Servings per tub⁠
  • 0g Sugar⁠
  • 25 kcals or less per serving⁠
  • Amino and antioxidant fortified⁠
  • Epic range of flavours

Seriously, though...Coronavirus is no game, folks! Let's do what we do best...keep calm and carry on (no matter the difficulty level!) Stay safe out there!

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