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Cookie-Pie?! Lenny & Larry's Apple Pie Cookie joins the range!

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Cookie-Pie?! Lenny & Larry's Apple Pie Cookie joins the range!

Few desserts so effectively convey as heart-warming and comforting a sense of home baking as Apple Pie (or Apple Crumble, for that matter!! Same difference) That unmistakable aroma of fresh apples softening, stewing and caramelising amidst brown sugar, creamy butter, cinnamon & spice, crumbling golden pastry...there's simply nothing like it!

Your mum's receipe...your gran's...it's all good! But we do know a couple of dudes who've got a decent angle on it too!! And, even better, it's delivered in COOKIE (pie) form (that's a dessert double-whammy!!) Introducing...brand NEW Lenny & Larrys Apple Pie Protein Cookies!!

Crammed full of real apple chunks, nostalgia and protein, this generous, giant apple extravaganza is sweet, lightly cinnamon-spiced and every bit as irresistible as your family's secret apple pie/crumble recipe (OK, nothing might QUITE match the legendary status of the apple crumble that you grew up with, but give the guys a chance...AND these are 100% Vegan-friendly too, as always!!)

With 16g protein each, these sinfully delicious cookies are guaranteed to hit the spot, and are a worthy addition to the Lenny & Larry's Cookie lineup, that's ALREADY better than ever thanks to the recent addition of Peanut Butter Choc Chip, Choc-o-Mint and Coconut Choc Chip recently!

If you love the Oatmeal Raisin Lenny & Larry's cookie? Or the cinnamon of the Snickerdoodle? The mixed spice of the Pumpkin? You're SURE to be right at home here, and those real apple additions are 'apple-solutely' delicious!!

Available in the Mix now...single cookies, boxes and in our Lenny & Larry's 'Baked is Better' 12-cookie bundle!!

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