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'Merica Energy is back with a BOOM this Christmas! 'Victory' and 'Merican Classic' in the Mix now

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'Merica Energy is back with a BOOM this Christmas! 'Victory' and 'Merican Classic' in the Mix now

Making Monday in the Mix extra 'Merican, dropping like the proverbial bombshell, we have two new flavours of 'Merica Energy from 'Merica Snax... Victory & 'Merican Classic!! And not only this but...a full restock of all your faces from the range (sorry they've been out of stock for so long, folks! We're sure you've missed them as much as we have!)

This most 'Merican and most explosively flavourful of all energy drinks arrives, as you probably know, hand in hand with the epic 'shock & awe(some)' range of supps & shakes from Doug Miller and 'Merica Labz, and brings all the #NeverBigEnough fun, character (literally character...many of their flavours are inspired by historical American heroes!) and great taste right over from that range, condensed into refreshing, convenient cans of sweet stimulant-filled nectar!

Designed to 'declare our independence' from fatigue and boring, lifeless flavour, these lightly carbonated, crisp beverages - with some of the boldest, most unique flavours we've ever found in soft drinks, let alone sugarfree energy drinks!! - each pack 200mg caffeine alongside, and here's the real magic, Choline, Guarana and Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Guarana? L-Carnitine? Nice to have - all helping to deliver that eponymous BOOM - but it's the Choline we *really* love...helps give a feel-good, focus-boosting nootropic nudge with every sensational sip! And...added bonus? Offsets any caffeine-crash, too! Oorah!!!

So...what ARE these amazing new flavours?

Well, 'Victory' definitely doesn't smell like napalm or anything but... it tastes like Cream Soda! Imagine impressively sweet vanilla with hints of cotton candy and you've about got it! This has GOT to be an energy drink first!

'Merican Classic'...none other than Cherry Cola! Distinctive, and delicious with, perhaps, overtones of Big Red chewing gum! Oh yeah... no flavour could be worthy of the 'Merican Classic' moniker if it didn't pack a punch!

With a 6 badass flavours available in the Mix now - and great value in our mixed case 12x can Merica Energy 'Lock 'n Load' Bundle Mix, there's no better way to caffeinate your Christmas!

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