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Oooh...heads-up!! 'Nano' the Ä Team make Protein Bars too!

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Oooh...heads-up!! 'Nano' the Ä Team make Protein Bars too!

It's cold, it's dark and we're deep into November BUT it's Thursday and Nano Supps have sent a shiver down our spines for all the RIGHT reasons...

Is it Ä pancake, is it Ä Cake?! Nope, It's Nano Ä's 'hot off the press' (well, 'fresh out of the bakery') low sugar protein bars...triple-layered and fun for all the family!!⁠⁠

A double trouble launch with Salty Peanut Caramel and Cookies & Cream flavours they've started strong...crispy, crunchy with lashings of caramel, all drizzled, dunk'd and delivering some seriously tasty thrills!

Whether it's our fave, the Salty Peanut Caramel with its delicious, slightly salted, generous peanuty pieces complimenting the super-sweet choccy OR the Cookies & Cream delivering a seeeriously luscious, seeeriously sweet-tooth crushing taste, alongside crispies and extra drizzle...these bars get the royal thumbs-up from us here in the Mix!⁠!

Yep, with 20g protein, around 200kcals and less than 2g sugar per bar...now is for sure the time to join the 'Ä Team', folks!!

Try 'em for yourself, peanut-lovers and cookie-lovers alike...you won't be disappointed with these awesome bars, every bit as impressive as Nano Supps' bestselling protein pancakes!⁠

Super-soft yet with an abundance of treat-like texture, 'pick' your own mix & match 12x bars in our new Nano 'Ä Team' Bundle next time you stop by! 

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