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New White Choc Pretzel AND Cookie Dough Nuts 'n More flavours have landed!

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New White Choc Pretzel AND Cookie Dough Nuts 'n More flavours have landed!

Say hello to not one but TWO new Nuts 'n More high protein peanut butter flavours!! Cookie Dough and, here's the real death-by-butter one, White Choc Pretzel!

Both butters have spreeeaaaddd their way into the Mix, rocking that all natural, gluten free, high protein, added Flaxy-omega butter base the #nutnation have all come to know and love with Nuts n More, dialling it all the way up with crunchy, salty pretzel pieces, white choc chips (in the White Choc Pretzel, obviously!), brown sugar-y dough and milk choc chips (the Cookie Dough) and, generally speaking, all manner of assorted nutty awesomeness!

Nuts n More has been a favourite of ours going waaaaay back, being the very first PB brand we ever listed in the Mix and, whilst stock availability here in UK has been up and down ever since, it's always been top of our shopping list here (and my own personal #physiquedestroyer wishlist!) and always a distinct pleasure to share the butters with you guys! PARTICULARLY these latest and greatest blends (honestly, guys...these 2 newbies EASILY make it into Top 3 NNM flavours for us!! Check out our most recent June YouTube Round-up vid for a more in-depth (spoon) dive!!!)

Cookie Dough and White Choc Pretzel join Birthday CakeSalted CaramelHazelnut Cocoa and allll the other beautiful butters in the Mix...and available in our 'More Nuts 'n More' 3-tub Mix bundle too! You seriously NEED to try these!! The texture + inclusions in the White Choc Pretzel? Phwoooaarrr. Nothing like it!!!

Have a great week, folks!! LOADS of restocks coming you way and more new things to tell you about! Watch this space!!

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