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Our KINDa snack! Nutty & nutritious KIND Protein bars arrive in the Mix

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Our KINDa snack! Nutty & nutritious KIND Protein bars arrive in the Mix

Now these are our 'KINDa' snack (ouch...sorry!!)

Haha...cringe-worthy puns aside, we DO absolutely love what's going on in KIND Snacks' new natural PROTEIN bars; chocolate, sweet, crunchy glazed nuts and, of course, 12g protein. Ermm...yes, please!!

At this point, we'd be really surprised if you hadn't picked up a KIND bar at some point over the last couple of years. They're huge in the brand's native America and they quickly exploded over here in the UK too, quickly making it into the Mix (of course!), followed by supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations and, well, pretty much everywhere! They're very pickup-able, especially with flavours like Caramel Almond & Sea Salt and Caramel Pecan. Natural, nutty and just a little naughty.

The only slight chink in the armour? The protein in their original range of nutty bars tops out at a measly 7g! Pfft. SURELY they can do better than that!!

Oh, wait...they CAN!

Enter these new PROTEIN bars! All the decadent dipped deliciousness of KIND's main range (with their already semi-decent nutty protons) but souped-up with extra (plant-based!) protein! Niiicee...thanks, guys!!

Kind to your taste-buds AND kind to your muscles too, new KIND Protein bars are in the Mix now!

Double Dark Choc NutChunky Peanut Butter (our fave!! The peanut icing base and drizzle on this bar is out of this world!!) and Toasted Caramel Nut...every one of them utterly irresistible and available in our new 'My KINDa Bar' 12-bar Pick&Mix bundle!!

We guarantee you won't regret 'picking' a couple of these next time you stop by!

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