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Protein Amaze-MINT! PEScience SELECT Chocolate Mint Cookie joins the bestselling shake range

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Protein Amaze-MINT! PEScience SELECT Chocolate Mint Cookie joins the bestselling shake range

Right...stop what you're doing!! You...yes, YOU!! Definitely talking to you! These don't come around often so it's absolutely a 'hold the front page' situation, folks...we have a NEW PES SELECT FLAVOUR!!

Yep, awe and 'amaze-mint' time...PEScience's latest flavour, Chocolate Mint Cookie, has arrived! In an uncanny fashion, this delicious, refreshing shake answers the question 'what would you get if you mixed PES's Frosted Choc Cupcake, White Choc Mint and Cookies & Cream?' Aside from the obvious - an utterly amazing, characteristically indulgent, guilt-free SELECT shake - you would get...THIS!!

OK...I may be somewhat gilding the lily (haha...or should that be mint leaf?) here, but it can't be understated just how surprised and impressed we all were when first trying this latest flavour (and it's not even a limited edition festive one as mint has been in the past for PES...it came out so well that it's now a permanent member of their illustrious line-up!)

Thing is, the Choc + Mint flavour combo actually isn't traditionally a popular one in protein (crazy!! I know, right?!) As a result, brands often tend to totally swerve this one or, worse, lazily go through the motions. As such, we're all too prepared for disappointment when Mint Choc shakes come our way but, of course, no need to despair with PES...we get to enjoy the FULL #SelectTheBest experience here - complete with perfect mixability and market-leading macros - and then some!!

It's perhaps telling that PES led with 'Chocolate' in the name, as the same creamy milk choc flavour of Frosted Choc Cupcake lands first, with the mint sneaking in in the background, delivering on the flavour promise by adding a sophisticated freshness, both subtle and striking. Finally? To dial up the dessert? The trademark sweetness of PES Cookies & Cream sings through the After Dinner atmosphere.

More than anything else, we get...Mint Oreos here (WIN!) and, all in all? A wonderfully balanced mashup that was clearly...'mint' to be be!!

Very *LIMITED STOCKS* are available in the Mix now...single tubs, and in our PES Select Protein-packing bundle stacks!! Trust me, folks...this one's something special!

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