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Speculoos Pancakes?! Has Christmas come early?! Nano(w) it has!

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Speculoos Pancakes?! Has Christmas come early?! Nano(w) it has!

We certainly won't let COVID dampen our seasonal snack mission, the show MUST go on!

⁠Yep...virus or no, new **Seasonal Specials** are falling T H I C K and fast like a snowy flurry in the Mix! And for today? Let us introduce the new 'X-mas Special' Speculoos (aka. 'Spekulatius') flavour, caramel-filled, protein-packed pancake from Nano Supps!

It feels like only yesterday we launched the dreamy ‘Creamy Double Chocolate’ flavour⁠ (wow...it was in fact a whole month ago!! Time flies when the world's upside down, huh?!) this *limited edition* newbie is sweet spiced n' EVERYTHING nice; jolly, biscuit butter inspired scotch pancake sensations generously filled with a sweet, winter-spiced caramel that delivers ALL that is magical about Xmas! ⁠

This is the perfect excuse to park the conventional protein bar and pick-up a pancake instead! Packing 12g protein per freshly-baked flippin' tasty pancake, coming in at ONLY 126kcals! It's a super unique little on-the-go, mega-convenient snack at it's TASTIEST!!

⁠With an EXTENSIVE list of flavours up for grabs, from the Cookies & Cream chocolate based vanilla fondant filled pancake through to the classic scotch pancake packed with peach jammy, afternoon tea goodness, 'Pick & Mix' your own 12x pancake Mix in our ‘Flippin Great’ Nano Pancake Bundle today!

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