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USN's latest fondant-filled cookie is RED-dy to go!

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USN's latest fondant-filled cookie is RED-dy to go!

JUST in time for Halloween the gorgeous Red Velvet (or should that be 'Dead' Velvet?!) fondant-filled cookies are the latest snack-sations from USN!

⁠USN's mad, filled cookies certainly delivered TRUST-worthy taste and stand-out from the outset with a stroooong, sweet line-up - who can forget the sprinkle-studded, Birthday cake with the crazy purple Jammy Dodger filling!? - and Red Velvet launching today is no exception!⁠

Rocking the same oozy creamy protein-filling as the Cookies & Cream flavour, inside a seriously striking, vividly red cookie dough bake, this one definitely earns its Red Velvet name and is quite unlike ANY other protein cookie we've tried (and we like to think ourselves as pretty well-versed protein-cookie connoisseurs over here in the Mix!!)⁠

As always with these USN cookies, it's a sweet-sweet experience (mainly down to that filling...this is definitely one for the sweetest of teeth!) but the marriage of soft-baked/soft-centre and choccy chips for good measure? Bit of a novelty, sure, but always something of a hidden-gem, killer combo from our perspective!!

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