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'Waffle' you waitin' for?! NEW Quest Maple Waffle Bar lands in the Mix!

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'Waffle' you waitin' for?! NEW Quest Maple Waffle Bar lands in the Mix!

We're so excited to finally be able to share these with you!!! Fresh in from the States, Quest Nutrition's latest (and quite possibly GREATEST!) bar...Maple Waffle!!

Believe us when we say that this is a Quest bar but not as you know it, folks!! With the release of the (Frosted) Birthday Cake bar not too long ago, the OG #CheatClean Kings gave us an unexpectedly coated bar - which has been hugely well-received!! - bringing a decent amount of 'wow factor' to a very well-known (and perhaps a tiny bit tired) format. Well, the new Maple Waffle takes that EVEN FURTHER, delivering shock and delight in equal measure...is it coated? Nope. But it's FILLED!!!

Yep, that's right!! The newest Quest creation, alongside some seriously sexy, chunky waffle-style crunchies (reminiscent of the Waffle Beyond Cereal bar!) has a gooey river of maple caramel running through it!!!

The Quest Maple Waffle bar, then; no-holds-barred oozing, sweet, sticky #chunkporn deliciousness à la Quest, packing in a whopping 20g protein, just 1g sugar (AND low net carbs!) and made with only natural sweeteners!! Gluten and Soy Free too!!!

Limited first batches are available in the Mix right now!! And in our all-time bestselling Quest 'Not so Dirty Dozen' 12-bar Pick & Mix bundle, of course!!

We promise...you have NEVER had a Quest Bar like this before!! About ready to go on a whole new 'Quest'? Thought so!! So 'waffle' you waitin' for?!

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