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Hail to the CHIEFS! Switzerland's Guilt-free triple layered crispy coated bars have arrived!

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Hail to the CHIEFS! Switzerland's Guilt-free triple layered crispy coated bars have arrived!

As you guys all know, we're all about that #NEWNEW over here and we're delighted to be able, today, to introduce some MORE new hotness in the Mix (as if any of us NEED more hotness right now!!) Switzerland's best kept protein-packed secret, we've been after this brand since the day they graced our insta-feed... ⁠


..Chiefs is here!!

These triple-layered, fondant-filled soft 'n crispy bars seeeriously satisfied our sweet-teeth over here and we KNOW you guys are going to find the same, with three awesome guilt-free flavours to choose from to start...White Choc Mocha, Salty Caramel & Crispy Cookie!

With 20g protein per bar and suuuper low sugar (all under 2.5g), Crispy Cookie has quickly become a squad fave offering a super-distinctive crunchy, fondant-y experience, kinda reminding us of Custard Creme crammed with Oreo, and the OTT protein crispies like a serving of Mullér corner crunchy-balls on the side...yeee we are HERE for this one!! ⁠

Salty Caramel? The fondant in this... Livin' up to its name, we don't usually find bars that fully find that real flavour, but you'll enjoy a perfect balance of salt 'n sweet in this one! And then, yes, that soft, sweet cake-like nougat base....issaaa viiibe!

White Choc Mocha...OK, perhaps not for everyone BUT #coffeelovers? This one's for YOU! The perfect marriage of sophisticated coffee flavour, super-sweet white choc, dark caramel notes...a Barista's delight!!

An impressive line-up to say the least folks and...the fun doesn't stop here!! Chiefs - makers of 'The Good Stuff' - do some seriously awesome snacks 'n shakes too! **Watch this space for fun facts and sexy snaps**

Grab a couple of singles 'n give 'em a try OR pick up a 12 bar mix of these tasty treats in our 'Hail to the CHIEFs' Protein Bar Bundle today!

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